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Andrew Ryan

Specialising in the design of new and the upgrading of existing systems with a focus on energy efficiency. SolarDrip™ is a patented system invented in Australia that has all of the benefits of drip irrigation with additional features; Off Grid with ZERO Running Costs Pollution Free & Carbon Neutral Autonomous Solar Scheduling Increased Yield using Less Water* The SolarDrip™ system is tested, proven & being used by a number of very satisfied irrigators. Please see our website for a case study or call Andrew on +61 429 444 520 to discuss how SolarDrip™ may be benefit your development. *Indicative results of existing systems and an international trial currently being concluded (2021)
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SolarDrip Design Pty Ltd41 Hyandra Street GRIFFITH NSW 2680 AUSTRALIA0429 444 520 Certified Irrigation Designer (CID)[email protected]
41 Hyandra Street GRIFFITH NSW 2680 AUSTRALIA [email protected]